Welcome to Monterey Psychological Services, PLLC. It is our mission to promote emotional development and growth by providing value-added psychological services (evaluations, psychotherapy, consultation, supervision, and groups) to individuals, couples, and families. I believe each individual brings his or her own uniqueness to therapy. Each person also brings unique challenges, life situations, experiences and, most importantly, personal strengths. It is my goal is to go above and beyond to help each person to become the best individual he or she can be and to provide support to those who seek it. I take a holistic approach to treatment, use a variety of resources, and apply evidenced-based practices to help each person achieve the goals he or she has designated. I apply effective techniques to help you learn new ways to better cope with depression, anxiety, improve relationships, solve communication issues, and much, much more. I am responsive to clients’ needs, professional, and respectful of their time and responsibilities.

Whether you are struggling with a situational event, emotional turmoil, mental disorder, or are ready to work on personal growth, working with a professional psychotherapist can help you to obtain your desired results. In addition to helping you resolve the issues that bring you to therapy, my goal is to teach you psychological skills to help and guide you in the years to come.

I look forward to working with you at Monterey Psychological Services.

Monterey Psychological Services, PLLC

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